mystics and madmen

A. A. McNamara
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"Those who have no interest in communication do not become artists; they become mystics or madmen." -- W.H. Auden

I'm Alena. I write speculative fiction, mostly fantasy. I am a college graduate with a degree in Physics (and a minor in Critical Social Thought). I usually don't have very much hair.

I do have lots of food allergies. Sometimes I talk about them; I like experimenting with replacing ingredients in recipes. (Or, to be more precise, replacing recipes in recipes, because usually none of the original survives.) Try the "allergies" or "food" tags.

I attended the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in summer of 2008 and am now a member of the Codex Writers' group. Also, I went to Viable Paradise XV. I read slush for Ideomancer. You can find my work at Crossed Genres.

I live under the same username on Dreamwidth, Twitter, and Flickr; the Facebook aamcnamara, however, is not me.

I am no longer the only Alena McNamara. I find this existentially confusing.